Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Memorial

October 12th was the Sharing Parents annual October Memorial. This is my first year being a volunteer. I love it and I'm not sure where we'd be today without all the support we got from our friends. Currently I am the Librarian and work the Listening Line with Molly.

Anyhow we raced back from Tahoe and I was very frusterated cuz I forgot Kyle's scrapbook at the house and had to grab an 8x10 picture from the in laws house instead to put on the memorial table. We got to McKinley Park at 1230 to set up, the festivities began at 3. The ceremony was one of the best I think.... and it had nothing to do with me being a part of it. I just got lucky.

I'd been so busy and preoccupied this time of year, things seemed scrambled, and I guess somewhere along the way I forgot to invite my parents to the ceremony. Yeah, way to go Kristie.... so this was the first year they didn't make it. This was also the first year I didn't get to sit with my family because I was working. Amy and Tyler were there, Grandma showed up to help Ben with the kids. Rudy, Andria and the boys came too.

Noel was in charge of the Memorial this year, she did an amazing job. there were poems and songs, stories were shared and thank you's too. It's always so emotional and I don't think anyone ever leaves without a few tears shed. Some day I might get up there and share our story, but I'm not sure. Most of the volunteers already know our story, and of course all our friends and family that attend the memorial.

All the volunteers stood up front and let doves go... the doves all fly around in unison and eventually fly back home. Then everyone lights candles and goes up to the mic and shares the names of their babies. Everyone gets a rose and then at the end of the ceremony we let butterflies go. The kids love the butterflies.

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  1. Beautiful butterflies! The dove release is ALWAYS a sure tear-shedder. It's amazing to see how much is put into the ceremony and all the parents who are a part of the group.