Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle

it's hard to believe we are celebrating your 4th birthday already, and like every birthday we celebrate you and miss you like mad. We remember all the good times we shared.
I still remember your birth day. Bianca stood by my head, holding my hand, peeking as I pushed....It was only a couple pushes and out you glided, all 6 lbs 6 ounces of you. So tiny compared to Bianca, of course you were early. Only 35 weeks, but you wanted to make an appearance. You were perfect in every way. screamed at first and then when they handed you to me, I said your name and you looked at me, fascinated by my voice, I kissed your gooey face.

a bonding moment

our lil man

Bianca and Kyle

Daddy & Kyle

"hey what are you doing over there"

You are never forgotten son. To this day we still have friends and family who send cards on your birthday and remember you. I love that they haven't forgotten you either. They share stories and they call and let us know they are thinking about us and you on your special day. We are truly blessed.

Tia went and had lunch with you on Friday, the weather was perfect for a picnic. Looks like the squirrels are out in full force, eating the pumpkins and taking the treasures from the markers.

smiling while sleepin

Tia, Cousin Dominic & Kyle

Uncle Michael and Kyle

Papa & Kyle

stretched out and lovin it

Just a few more pictures to share.... I didn't start posting these til after midnight, so technically the day after your birthday.... but that's alright.

'hey daddy, can i feel that goatee'

We love you and miss you lil man.


  1. Hard to believe! We miss him too. Kyle is probably up there playing soccer with the angels and keeping watch over us.

    He was ready to tackle the world - the brute, for being 35 weeks!

  2. Happy Birthday to little man Kyle... 4 years. Where did the time go...

  3. Did you know my nephew's birthday is the same day? Born one year after Kyle. I am indeed blessed. Having snuggled with Kyle and having my nephew Christopher born the same day a year later. Happy Birthday Kyle!