Sunday, June 01, 2008

weekend update

Friday I picked Bianca and Patrick (my nephew) up from school. We headed to Arden Fair mall to check out the bathing suits. First we hit the gap, they had some really cute suits online... but we were disappointed once we got to the store. Then we went to Nordstroms where they had the cutest Roxy suits... but they didn't have Bianca's size.. and she didn't want me to spend $50 on a bathing suit for her....

Dang.. when i was her age I would have been all over that... oh wait.. i was..

We were having company over for Dinner so we raced to pick up the babies and get home in time to BBQ. Shannon, Mike, Estella and Diego came over for dinner. It was our first time using the new BBQ (Ben got a new one last Friday because he didn't like the way the other new one cooked, he said the heat disburstment was uneven) So we had Steak, Hotdogs, Potato Salad, green onions and watermelon... yummie.
We haven't seen Mike & Shannon since Christmas but we are going to be seeing a lot of them now that they moved back to Sac from Denver... Hooray. I'm trying to talk Shannon into coming to play soccer on my Tuesday Night Team.... The kids all had a great time and by the end of the night Diego was putty in my hands, letting me hold and kiss him.... he's a mama's boy.. kinda like my kids ~lmao~

Saturday morning the kids woke up early and we made pancakes. The kids played out back while Ben and I finished up the weed fabric and bark on the side of the house... after working in the yard in the morning we headed to Bianca's school carnival. The kids enjoyed playing the games and chasing the Cow around... to bad I forgot my camera


  1. was having a bad day.. poor baby :)

  2. Looks like Patrick plays well with the girls (unlike Dominic who tries to be bossy). And how did you get such a nice, calm picture of Kallie? Is she still going to K9 school?