Sunday, June 01, 2008

a surprise visit

there was a knock at the door this evening... Uncle Steven, Andrew and Luke stopped by to visit.

Bianca enjoyed making Luke smile and laugh. After a few pictures sitting in his carseat... we pulled Luke out and let him roll around on the floor. Hey.... he even let me hold him... no fussing at all....

Andrew and Sydney played kitchen... Peyton was still asleep from the car ride from walnut creek.

Uncle Steven checked out the GTA book and watched some UFC fights with Ben.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed the visit


  1. Well, look who was a happy camper with his big cousin Bianca! He is getting so much better with people Thanks goodness! Look at those precious blue's.

    I find it funny that the kids are never dressed in what I put them in, I think he changes them on purpose -lol-

    Glad they stopped by for a visit, and glad you enjoyed ;)

  2. Sarah Beth7:39 AM

    Oh my gosh he is sooooooo adorable!!! I just want to give him a smoochy kiss :)