Sunday, June 01, 2008

Walnut Creek

Today we drove to Walnut Creek to visit Grape Grandma (what the girls call Great Grandma) Aunt Roxann, Uncle Rick, Ryan and Zach (the girls say the boys). The ride was longer than normal, but we only made one pit stop.... the girls took about an hour nap during the drive. They woke up as we pulled up to the house.

Sydney was cool with high fives right from the start but it took Peyton a lot longer to warm up. They were a bit disappointed that Grape Grandma hadn't arrived but they were happy enough playing with Kelly (the dog). Sydney was the first to use the potty (3 times in ten minutes) She wanted to make sure it was in working order... ~lmao~

We went outside to play with the cat, dog and blow bubbles. The bigger kids - Ben, Ryan, Zach and Bianca played basketball while the rest of us blew bubbles and ate cookies... - after lunch of course. Peyton skipped lunch for the most part, but Sydney ate 4 helpings of colslaw, a half of a half of turkey, cheese and lettuce sandwich and a chip..

Ryan and I snuck out to his confirmation rehearsal and the girls didn't even know I was gone... SCORE ONE FOR MAMA....

Next week is the real deal... all i had to do was stand with my right hand on Ryan's shoulder and say "I present Sampson" I should be good to go on Saturday during the real ceremony. Very exciting stuff - I know I didn't make it sound so in my brief description... but I'm very honored to be Ryan's sponsor - it's been a great spiritual journey~ seeing it all come together when he is confirmed will be awesome.
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(the pictures on flicker are always posted in the wrong order, from last to first)

Zach, Sydney, Peyton, Bianca and Kelly chase Dopey (cat)

Sydney hangs on the rim after slamming one thru

Another slam dunk for Sydney
Peyton hangs from the rim
Peyton slams with authority


  1. Sarah Beth1:17 PM

    ~Gees~ They play better than me :) Go girls!! Good Daddy!!

  2. Your girls (and you) are so lucky to have "Grape Grandma". LOL. How cute! And MY how your cousins have grown!