Sunday, February 10, 2008

Super Star Status

Nami, Bianca, Ty, Sydney, Peyton, Alex, Patrick (hiding behind Alex) Emma, Andrew, Donovan, Dominic, Jonah, Cole
Oh What happened
Presents Galore

Sydney and Peyton were pretty cranky on the ride to Bouncetown, but things changed quickly as we pulled into our parking spot. Sydney's eyes lit up and she screamed "slide" and Peyton started to laugh and cheer as she climbed out of the car and they both ran inside... yes the party was about to start and the girls went from zero energy to giving everything 110%.

Here's who showed up -Bianca (the diva) Sydney (the rockstar) Peyton (the drama queen) Jonah (mini mcdreamy) Dominic (the red power ranger) Donovan (the hustler) Andrew (the soapbox champ) Alex (the boy next door) Cole (the kid from the other side of the tracks) ... okay I'm making things up now.... Patrick, Ty, Luke, Isaac, Nami and Emma - did you notice a trend... mostly boys... Nami and Emma are Bianca's age... so my girls have no girlfriends....

The kids all had a great time - bouncing, playing in the bubbles, sliding, racing... speaking of racing... I raced my sista Amy in the obstacle course and left her in the dust.... we won't mention that during the race we had a wipe out, got tangled up, had a throw down... and I slid headfirst for the win.... we're so not competitive......

I don't have much time to blog cuz I'm leaving tomorrow for the city and want to spend as much time with my family as I can. But check out some party pics, and check out our sista site for some more pics. Ben took most of the pictures and I didn't really edit anything.... So hopefully they are viewable... Click the picture below to check out all the fun.


  1. Sarah Beth12:12 PM

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time :) I love your descriptions of your are a trip!! Sounds like you and Amy had the most fun.. ha ha.. good for you!!

  2. Check me out... blogging until the wee hours two nights in a row! I think I'm good for a while, right?

    Great party girlfriend! I'll send you the cake pics and any others you might have missed and needed.

    I'm tickled that the girls had a GREAT time for their special party. I think Dominic is still wearing some of that red cake icing!