Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Two Girls Turn Two

Happy Birthday Sydney... Happy Birthday Peyton... that was the order they came into the world and the same way they woke up this morning.... we played in the big bed this morning and took our time getting ready. Sydney did her usual routine of having milk and then using the potty... and today Peyton joined in... and she sat on the big girls potty and tinkled... We did the potty dance, and we screamed, jumped, danced and clapped... We = Sydney and I... Peyton was so thrilled.... usually we're always celebrating Sydney's adventures in Potty...

I left late for work, stopped at the Starbucks Drive Thru - and Peyton told the girl at the window it was her birthday and that she is 2... it was cute.

We took cupcakes to daycare for the party... and I have a few pictures. And when I picked them up we went for a long walk and I snapped pictures....(250) I can't believe my babies are two... We stopped by to visit Uncle Steven, Aunt Joan and the boys - Andrew and Luke.. and I snuggled and bounced and loved Luke... Sydney got a lil jealous... she pulled both of Lukes socks off... and kept tugging on me...

Tia Amy came over and we ate pasta and played... and I even got a picture of Kallie in the mix

Dylan, Peyton and Sydney
Sydney, Peyton, Donovan
Peyton, Mommie, Sydney pose
the girls



Daddy and the girls, almost to Uncles
Mommie and Luke
Mommie and Kallie


  1. Way too stinkin' cute! It looks like they had a fantastic day! Love the after-nap look of the 3 of them. Whoa her ears ever go down?

    Happy Birthday Sydney and Peyton!

  2. Happy Birthday Dearest Sydney and Peyton!!! I can't wait to see you both again. Smooches!

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    You look so happy in the last two pictures. I know you are probably yelling at Ben or the girls about something.

  4. Happy Birthday Sydney and Peyton! I haven't seen them in person in forever. Kallie is getting big too - and so fluffy (for a German Shepherd).

  5. I can't wait to see pictures from their party!! Did they have fun? Happy Birthday to Sydney and Peyton