Monday, February 11, 2008

the city part one

this isn't sex & the city... or even the lipstick jungle... but it is the heart of San Francisco, or at least that's what the advertisement said...... i hear sirens right now......

So we (Theresa and I) got a late start today, the plan was to have the car dropped off to us at noon.... we finally had the SUV (2008 Chevy) packed and ready to go at 130... we drove, drove straight through, no lunch but we stopped for starbucks before we hit the freeway. by 345 we were starving and had been stuck in traffic since 300. we laughed, we cried.... it was a trip.....things started to look up and we started to move - by 500 we were at the hotel - valet parking and in we go.... ten minutes to pee and get settled and then it was off, on foot to find some good soup... clam chowder to be exact - the hotel guy gave us directions to a lil italian place.... we walked and walked some more... we didn't find anything, we walked up Sutter, up Polk, to Pine, Pine somewhere, and after a good hour of wandering we found a lil morrocan place... and we were starving... a young guy actually pointed it out.. said it was the ethnic heart of the city, great places to eat.... so we tried it... it was good.... I had chicken kaboobs, couscous and veggies - carrots, squashes... it was good. the bread was amazing.

back to the hotel.... we walk back to the hotel an laugh and hold our purses tight, talked about Crash... and walked some more... I told her about my room, she told me about hers... we laughed so hard I wanted to pee - I showed her my room, she was in awe... the huge bed w 6 pillows, the down comforter, the walk in closet with fluffy robes, the flat screen tv, the writers table.... she showed me hers - the tiny bed, the old comforter, the 1980s tv, the two dead pillows, it was terrible... so she called and got a new room, one like mine.... we laughed some more and now it's time to go our own ways and get ready for the morning... we leave the hotel at 630 - normally I'm still in bed at 630

I've talked to the babies a couple times tonight, Bianca included... my nursing days are now over... but I'm not uncomfortable yet.... off to shower

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  1. Well, glad you got there, and got some exercise in, plus the calories to replace what's been lost! wow! Hope your day today is a fine one. Close to 70 here must be a beautiful day in The City! Be careful, and get lots done!

    I think the girls are mom...and no cousin DJ (spiked a 104 yesterday). Hopefully Bianca and Daddy are keeping them entertained!