Sunday, June 24, 2007

A visit to see Issac

Friday Night I was home alone with Sydney and Peyton, who were cranky, Ben and Bianca were at soccer practice. We ate dinner, danced, played and when nothing else seemed to work, we headed out for a drive and ended up at Scott's house. The plan was to end up there eventually. Scott and Doreen had a baby June 2nd, and this was gonna be our first baby siting. Issac is so tiny, he was 6 lbs 2 oz when he was born, Sydney and Peyton were a lil small but there were two of them sharing my womb.

The girls ran around the house doing Scott's chores, picking up all the paper, plastic, foam, anything and everything that was on the floor and didn't belong. They even picked up all the shredded paper than Jaden (her nephew) had thrown all over the floor.

When it was time to leave the girls hugged Doreen and Scott and Sydney gave Issac a ton of kisses, she kissed his belly, his arm, his head, she was just giving those kisses away. (normally she doesn't kiss much) Peyton on the other hand gave Issac a smack on the face... followed by some kisses, she was very sorry, she thought he might talk if she smacked him i guess...

Here are some pictures:

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