Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Fun

Papa, Donovan, and Sydney get chill out in the chairs

Dominic is lookin for a V8
Donovan has puffs
Sydney is soakin up the sun
Donovan and Peyton get puffs from Papa before Sydlicious comes to steal the goodies
Sydney gives Peyton kisses
the girls eat watermelon and daddy tries to keep them clean
Uncle Michael and Peyton say cheese
Papa and Sydney look for rocks to skip
Aunt Joan and Andrew go for a ride
Uncle Steven gets a push from Uncle Rudy
Uncle Rudy and Bianca get crazy
it's a one eyed Ogar... and he just cracks peyton up
Grandma and Sydney
"What do you think about my hat?"


  1. LOVE the pic of Emma and Bianca. Cute! Gosh, did we take all the dirt home with us on the kids or what? I'm glad I'm not the only one "suffering" today from all the fun! We definitely need to take these things out again before they see "another dust bunny" (as Joan put it..LOL) What a blast! Glad it was fun for you. Did the kids zonk out on the ride home?

  2. Hey, did you add more pics? I don't remember seeing these? Love Syd's hat - Ole!

  3. Wait, NOW there are more pics! Are you adding more? The "puff" pics are new! And Peyton going topless??? out!!

    (can you tell I'm addicted to pictures? I can look at them over and over again!)