Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The long weekend - part 1 Kams adventure

I need coffee. 

The weekend came and went, time to recap. Amy came by to pick Kam up and off to his first slumber party at Riley's, he hasn't stopped talking about it yet. They hung out at the lake, but quickly made it back to the ranch to torment the goats, race bikes, chase dogs, ride the tractor and the quad and even a lil time dedicated to taking car of baby dolls and cleaning up in the tub. Seems like Kamren and Riley ate everything in sight. Blueberries, olives and otter pops were the most favorite. Got a video of uncle Ty and Kam racing on the quad. 
Heading to Camp Far West
Uncle Ty and Kamren ready to race. 
Otter pops - cheers
Bed head
Swimming in the tub... Bubble beard

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  1. That boy has a tan line....just sayin.