Friday, August 15, 2014


Another failed attempt at waking up early, carpooling, leaving late, hitting the gym.  Welcome to my life.  I've been attempting or wanting to blog again for awhile.  Ok, since I stopped, but who has time for all that.  Driving to pick the girls up from the park... i blogged in my head.  It was an amazing post, now if only iCloud was there to capture it for me...
Only two kids left at the park.  One very happy child and one very pissed off child.
"Face it Peyton... She's not coming"  Only the last time I picked them up at the park... they were both upset that I arrived too early.  There is no winning somedays.  I guess Sydney needed to use the lil girls room.  So much for starting the night off right.

So get this...  I'm playing softball tonight, Double Header...  i haven't played in years...  there are so many things I haven't done in so long.  I'm kinda excited, got butterflies...  So I text my girlfriend Sandra to see how things are going.  She plays a lot of softball along with her "perfect husband"  oh wait.. i just mean he's the BEST at every sport..  Mr Home run Derby winner.  Anyhow.  I ask how they are doing... They split up last i heard from her.  Seems he had a hard time with the whole exclusive thing... They've been married 7 years.. maybe more, maybe less.. I can't remember.  Anyhow..  one day it's he's a cheater, look at these photos and texts... then it's FB posts of look at us and daddy Mike.. and lots of family photos...  awkward...  This is the girl I played soccer with and hit the gym with (back when I was going to the gym)  We were gonna get back to basics with working out and eating right and doing the gym thing... then the SEPARATION... hello that ruined my life too..  i liked the gym partner..  so i kept getting texts on updates...  and her updates... i lost 10 lbs, i lost 20 lbs, i'm down 35 lbs...  OMG...  Me.. I'm stuck at 147 for life..  I can't eat healthy to long or I get bored, no one at home supports me... it's like a nightmare...  the Whole30 was a joke...  I loved it...  all 14 days of it... haha..  back and forth, on and off..  Why can't someone plan all my meals and cook them too...  I'd have no choice.. but I have this other half, the better half who likes to eat and shop and not follow my plan or shopping list..  So NO WHOLE30, NO GYM, NO HEALTHY living. just living.  So Sandra is now a buck five and I'm the bigger chick now.. not sitting well...

So I have a lot to say and not much time...  counting the seconds til i pick Kam up at PRESCHOOL, yep you heard it here first.  My boy is at preschool.  curriculum based preschool, where they don't sit in front of the TV 6  hours a day.  They do circle time, worksheet time, color and paint time, play time, nap time... Nope the teacher doesn't fall asleep on the couch while the kids stare at her from the floor.  He loves it...  okay this is his second day, I LOVE IT....  Big boy school...  Kiddie College.  snack time is 345.  it's 357...

So i don't have time to blog or bathe...

This is what my week is supposed to look like
Monday wake up at 530, get to work at 630 (carpool with the better half)
Have breakfast and lunch while at work, get a couple walks in to  keep my body healthy
WORK WORK WORK...  take some photos.  Get off work at 230.  Pick up Sydney and Peyton from school.  Mad Dash to get homework done, snacks, dressed for soccer.  Pick up Kam.  Leave the house by 4 to get to practice at 5.... Pick up that handsome sidekick as he's strutting his stuff down Landpark Drive....  Practice is at 5.  Where are all the soccer kids.. Late.  haha  Run practice til 7.  Family drive home.. 4 kids screaming and fighting...  and starving.  Hey I used the crock pot.. dinner is served.
You girls smell fine, no need to shower.  Check homework, sign this, sign that.... I'm stressing out.  Kamren wants to play baseball.. Can someone please take the boy to the ball field...  Field of dreams here we come...  it's dark... it's 930... why aren't the kids in bed... reading... Yay...  it's now 1030 - bed

Tuesday - start again except we didn't carpool, no crock pot dinner, I have a soccer game, Bianca has soccer practice...  who's watching the kids...  are we eating dinner?  baseball anyone?  i missed soccer, took the kids to the park to play, stayed two hours, rushed home to finish checking homework and put something in the bellies before bed.

I'm tired... EXHAUSTED is more like it...  looking forward to spending a few minutes a night rambling again.

Tonight softball - This weekend Soccer - Go Kaos.

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