Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Part 2 - First Kaos Soccer Tournament

Before Amy left with the little ones. Group shot- Peyton, Bianca, Sydney, Riley, Kam

It's been a long couple months of soccer training. The girls bust their butts twice a week for two hours...  Well the ones that show up to practice routinely. I have seen the improvement in everyone, and now it was time to see what game play would be like. Landpark Cup here we are.

Game one the girls started off a lil slow, but soon they were into the game.  They knew where to go, how to get there, they were dribbling and passing.  Sydney had her first goal of the season, dribbling through and shooting a nice one into the goal.  ...its now been almost two weeks.. the brain is a bit foggy.  So here is a run down recap.

Sydney played amazing, she was running the field, playing forward and midfield.  She was using some dribbling skills and attacking the ball hard.  She got her goal and she was excited. She's a firecracker and quick.

Peyton was my number one defender that game.  She was a beast, she wasn't letting anyone by her.  She was aggressive and I don't think the girls wanted to go against her. She had a couple opportunities with great passing and even dribbling the ball all the way from the back up the field, someone tripped her and she had to go back to defense.  The girl also did a few moves on the field.  She really wants to play up and score.  I don't have the defenders to let her play up.  We won that game 2-1

Game two we looked like a bunch of 6 year olds, we couldn't remember our positions, we couldn't follow directions, it was ugly.  Ok. Most girls couldn't follow directions, my kids still know what they are doing, but it's hard to play like that.  So we got a beating...  3-1.  Peyton took a hard fall, her white uniform was brown.  She also got a bloody nose.  Sydney got kicked hard in the ankle and had to take a break.

Sunday morning brings the GOOD KAOS.  We came out early 7 am.. and we played a great game.  We tied 2-2 against the Elk Grove team that beat everyone with major goals.  I was very proud of my team, they stepped up, played  hard and they listened, passed, dribbled.  It was a great day for soccer. I know what they can do, now we have to work on it..

I think it's going to be a great year, everyone will learn and grow... including the coaches

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