Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snore fest

Got home and got a 40 minute workout routine going. Yay!!  I really wanted to go to the gym since I missed Monday. But sometimes taking the kids to ride bikes is better than the gym. For them, not me. So yesterday I figured if I worked out with Jillian I could still take the kids to ride before basketball and it worked out. 
After basketball we got Jamba Juice and went home to some BBQ steaks and rice. Thank you daddy. Drinking my jamba for breakfast. 
Tonight I really needed to read with the girls, to the girls and listen to them read. So i asked ben to read to Kam and lay with him. 
This is where moms are so different than dads. I'm brushing Kams teeth and he keeps looking for Ben. Ben is hiding. Well hiding and scaring kids doesn't fit into bedtime routines to me, but maybe they work for others. Loud talking and rough housing doesn't usually put kids in the mood to sleep. Finally get Ben into Kams room and then I can hang out with the girls. 
Can't find my city of bones book that we started last year and so we read bad kitty. Strange book. It talked about how to write stories, how you need a protagonist, a setting, plot, theme, difference between theme and plot. Cuddled into Peyton's bed with the girls and we read by fake candlelight. The kids are reading really well and it was fun to hang out and read too. 
After I turned the light off in the girls room, I noticed kam and Ben were still awake playing with the cowboy Woody, and the light was on, so I turned it off and got ready for bed. 13 minutes later, Ben is snoring so loud, I could hear it over the TV downstairs (with the surround sound on). I ended up going downstairs, and turning the TV down, but didn't turn it off, I knew Ben would wake up and go back downstairs to finish his show. Haha
Ben was snoring so loud I had to tell Bianca to listen. Haha 

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