Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of First Grade

Mornings are tough... except when you're six.  The girls woke up early 6 am on their own.  They were dressed and ready for school before mom or dad climbed out of bed.  Kamren even woke up smiling.  The girls wanted to buy lunch because that's what big kids do.  The only thing the girls were not thrilled about....  The Hair Brush....  haha.  After we tamed their manes we headed out for a photo shoot. I was going between my iphone and my Nikon...  Facebook and Instagram were immediately tagged so happy to show off my kiddies.

The girls were a little sad that none of their best friends were in their class.  No Ashlin, Paige or Logan... What's a girl to do...Seven 1st grade classes, that's a record even with 24 kids in the class.  Mrs Donald seems nice and the girls like that they still get to take a healthy snack for first recess.  Recess turned out to be good, the girls were able to play with Kindergarden friends.  Lunch seems really early at 10:55 but three recesses got the girls so happy to be big kids.  Schools out at 2:30... 

I asked the girls if they ate lunch together, nope they ate with strangers rather than to eat together... So sad...  Here's what I got in the morning before school.

Thumbs up or maybe down

Monster High represented on their backs and Converse on their feet

Sydney and Peyton ready for first grade


walking almost in unison

Kamren wants to get in line too