Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Tooth - 22 weeks

Monday August 8th....  Kams first tooth popped out....  the best thing was he didn't bite me... nope that's not how I found out. It was better than that....  I had my knuckle in his mouth, letting him bite it, and that's when he bit down hard and I felt that sharp pain....  turned him over and I could see the tooth.  So exciting, he's not even eating food yet and he's got a tooth....  Hard to believe. 

He hasn't been cranky or anything, just Mr Mc Drooly... I love my Mr Mc Drooly. 

Routine out the door again....  School starts for Sydney and Peyton on Monday.... and we don't have a good routine as it changed just last week because soccer practice was added to the agenda.  They love soccer practice, soccer and especially coach Donnie. 

Bianca has a part time babysitting gig, a lil girl named Lucie, she's 9 months old.  We all went over to meet Lucie and her mother Caroline.  The kids played with her ceramic tea sets, she has a tea party themed nursery, very cute.  She had lots of fun toys that kept all the kids entertained.  We need to go toy shopping for the lil man, he's tired of the toys he's got.

Last night was my last indoor soccer game of the season.  I won't have the time to play since we're coaching soccer again this season.  We got our butts kicked last night again. (2 weeks in a row) No subs and played down again...  last week at least I scored, this week I couldn't trap the ball worth a damn or shoot one in the net. 

Todays plan...  go buy a couple more memory cards for my camera, they are all full and I haven't gotten a chance to download them, or do anything with them.  I need to get all the files from my laptop and transfer them to my PC upstairs, make a lil room.  Gym time, swim time, board meeting too. 

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