Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Swimming Day 1

June 6th - is that really you?  it was 56 degrees when I took Sydney and Peyton to swimming lessons, that's not the June I remember.... I recall 90 degrees and higher.... yes... I am complaining... I want to feel the summer winds blow through my hair, and the warmth of my friend the sun. 

My girls were dressed for Fall this morning hiding the cute bathing suits they wore.  Lucky for us the pool was heated and the water was warm enough to keep the kids all smiling and learning. 

Today they started off with 3 instructors and half way through the lesson they were down to 2.  The girls were excited to be there and learn.  There were lots of bubbles blown, heads dunked into the water, back floating, holding the edge and kicking those straight legs, holding onto the q tip and kicking feet as they swam around the pool.  The super man was a big hit, the teacher guiding them around the pool while they blew bubbles, kicked feet and kept their hands like superman, only hands in a v or point in front of them. 

Sydney needed a potty break during the lesson, and I'm thinking she wished she'd have peed in the pool, she was turning blue and shaking as we ran to the bathroom.  She was all to eager to jump back in the warm water, but it wasn't long  before the lesson was over and both girls were shaking like a booty on the dance floor.  the base was moving them around like they were weightless...  I hurried to dry them off and get them dressed again. 

Tomorrow should be warmer... Yay for that - i have pictures to post, but blogger says the server is down.

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