Tuesday, June 07, 2011

M & M Wedding Day

The night before the wedding we didn't sleep well... okay maybe it was just me.  Two full size beds and a crib, but Kamren didn't really like his crib, he woke up every two hours to nurse and be held.  We all got up about 8 am and the kids had to be to Michelle's room by 10 to get their hair fixed.  We dropped the kids off and went for a walk before heading back to the hotel to get ready. 

There was lots of drama at the hotel before the wedding... I'll just keep that under wraps :)  Uncle Michael and his best man arrived at the church in a rolls royce, as did the bride and her maid of honor.  The rest of the wedding party took a trolley from the hotel to the church.  The church was beautiful, Old St Marys on California. 

Kamren and I sat with Leslie and Emma in the 4th row on the grooms side.  Tia Andria and Tio Rudy sat right behind us and Tia got some good shots, while mom didn't get a chance to shoot much during the wedding.  The lighting was really bad and no flashes allowed, not to mention I was busy making sure Kamren's carseat didn't fall off the small pew.  Big butts not allowed....

The wedding was beautiful.  Bride and Groom knelt at the front while their bestman and maid of honor sat near them, the rest of the party sat in the pews.  The ceremony was traditional and the priest even got a kiss after the "ortega's were introduced to the family and friends". 

The trolley took the guests from the church to the reception, all but Tia Andria, Papa, Grandma, Kamren and me, we took the beautiful walk to the Julia Morgan Building - the place was gorgeous.

The wedding party

flower girls

junior bridesmaid

my beautiful girls

my two handsome guys

daddy telling Kamren to smile for the camera

baby blues

Ninos w Kamren

mama's lil man is dozin

Hanger steak, potatoes and aspargus - divine

Sydney & Uncle Michael do the $$ dance

Twirlin during the money dance

Bustin a move $$ dance

Peyton gets her dance with the groom

Sydney & Uncle Rudy cuttin a rug

Grandma get some cuddle time with kamren

The boys with the bride and flower girls

Finally Kamren gets a dance with Bianca

Peyton & Bianca dancin the night away

Peyton gets a much anticiapted dance with the bride

Ben refused to dance so he gets to rock Kamren to sleep instead

Peyton danced into the wee hours of the night with her Ninos

Sydney passed out in Papa's arms

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