Monday, June 06, 2011

M & M rehearsal

We got up early for the drive to San Francisco.. it's not every day your best cousin is having a wedding rehearsal and your invited.  We couldn't be more happy to be a part of the special celebration for Michael and Michelle.  Ben was asked to be a groomsmen, one of nine.  Bianca a junior bridesmaid and Sydney and Peyton flower girls.  The girls were really excited about being in another wedding.

The drive only took a lil over an hour, we found the St Mary's parking garage where they only charge you $7 a day to park....  cept when you forget to pull out of the lot and come right back in.... Ooops.

We got to the church early, it was a cold day, and pushing a stroller up those San Francisco streets is hard work.  The rehearsal was long and the girls were so ready for lunch.  Lunch was at Credos a few blocks away, all we had to do was walk.  Once we got to Pine street... shots rang out...  Yep.. you guessed it.  Someone was gunned down just 50 feet from us, sirens roared on the quiet street, we crossed over so the girls wouldn't see the bloody man on the street... but the adults caught a glimpse.  I'm sure Peyton with her 'good searching eyes' would have see it if she looked.

We picked the best table in the house....  thanks to those eye's of Peyton.  There were at least 50 people at the Rehearsal lunch.  The place was beautiful, lots of quotes on the wall, and just a neat experience.  See pictures.

The food was good.  One of Michelle's brothers was up all night making desserts... and they were scrumptious.  Lunch was pasta, salad and bread - good stuff.  I think I might have to check the place out again when we're in the city.

After lunch we headed to the hotel to check in before heading to the warf.... only it started to pour.. and rained on our parade...  We ended up chillin in the hotel while Bianca and Ben walked the streets, looking for deals, steals and chinese food.  The food was good, and I love being on vacation, even if it's a short trip.

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