Sunday, January 10, 2010

Next Stop... Sweet Sixteen

Everyone wants a weekend away.... well maybe not where we went for Association Cup... Almost four hours on the road as we braved 99 headed passed Fresno and as close to Visalia as possible. Bianca and I slept most of the trip leaving Ben to stay awake, drive and get us there ... 'not pieced apart ' We left around 2 in the afternoon but it was dark by the time we arrived... and the FOG was so thick.... Lemoore has only a few street lights and they never were in the right place.... like where you might find a street sign.

The hotel was quaint.... right out of a Pyscho movie... the rooms were cozy and warm... and the shower had a massage feature. I stayed in til the hot water disappeared.

Our first game was at 8 am... so we had to wake up close to 5:45... um... I don't usually wake up that early on a work day.... Did I mention the fog? You'll notice the early morning fog in the pictures I took.

Headlines in Lemoore read..... Landpark Velocity wins three games in Lemoore Califonia. Taking home first in Flight A.

Velocity beats Hanford Magic 3 v 1 ...Goals by Alexis, Hawkins & Sophia

Velocity harpoons the Sharks 3 v 1 ...Goals by Alexis, Eleanor & Cat

Velocity dominates the Rangers 2 nil ... Goals by Alexis & Cat

They're off to the Sweet Sixteen in Morgan Hill next weekend.

I took over 600 pictures... and still spent $30 on the pictures that someone else took of my Superstar.....

Check out the action below.....Bianca dribbles circles around one girl.....

Step Over


Blows by the girl

first to the ball
The Velocity Fans

Landpark Velocity


  1. Sweet!!!! Nice group pic... love the trash can! It looked very cold there! Brrrrr!

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM


  3. Hey we're going to Morgan Hill this weekend. You guys should come too. They play at 11. Great road trip.

  4. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Alright . . it can get pretty foggy there but the ladies ruled. Good job. 600 photos huh? . . you're a photo junkie like I am.