Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day & Night

Who would have believed that we slept in Christmas morning.... okay everyone but me. I had to wake up and get the Mississippi Mud made. I enjoyed the quiet house, sipping coffee and making desserts.
Santa came sometime during the night and left full stockings and added a few presents to the christmas tree. The kids tore through wrapping paper and destroyed the house. There were clothes and kitchen toys all over the Familyroom.
After cleaning up, we made christmas pancakes and then headed to Amy and Tylers new house to enjoy Christmas day and dinner with family and friends.
Guests included - our five, Tyler, Amy, Bailey, Nana, Papa, Rachelle, Cole (who the girls call Cool) and Paige. Donny had to work at the hospital and he showed up late... and I don't think I took a picture.

We filled up on snacks. Yummy stuffed mushrooms, chips and dip, olives and veggies. We sipped Apple Cider all day and played with the new christmas pup Bailey. Cole and the girls played outside on the swings and then played with his bakugones (sp?) Nana was in the kitchen warming the HoneyBakedHam, and mashing potatoes.
The kids opened presents in the middle of the day, played dress up and tag. After dinner we made sugar cookies and decorated them (I didn't get pictures of that either)
Sydney and Peyton spent the night with Amy & Ty.

Peyton munchin olives and playing

Cole aka Cool


Uncle Ty and Amy watch the fun

Paige loves cookies

Group photo

Ty is dreaming of sand mountain

Kids are so easy

"Let's play Cool"

Bianca and Bailey

Peyton and Cole

Bianca, Bailey & Ben

Peyton, Ben, Bailey & Bianca

Give me some suga

We took Amy's Hot Rod home leaving them my car with the carseats. I forget how much fun it is to drive a stick. We got home and Uncle Michael came over to hang out. Michelle was sick with a fever so he left her at his parents house. ;P First thing we did was play Band Hero. Uncle Micheal on the vocals, Me on the guitar and Bianca on the drums. He sang "beautiful soul" then we switched it up with Bianca on vocals, me on the drums and Uncle Michael on the guitar. Too many songs to remember.
Ben was feeling left out so the boys played UFC ... I got this on video and pictures. They were funny. Michael and Bianca ganging up on Ben. High Fives flying along with disgusting air masses from Bianca.....

Uncle Michael on the Left, Ben on the Right

UFC champions
They are concentrating

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  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Do the girls like olives for breakfast? You've got some nice photographs and who's Bailey belong to?