Friday, January 15, 2010

8th grade Formal

I haven't been to a middle school dance since... 87/88. Being a chaparone is a big responsibility except when you bring a huge camera to a dance and everyone thinks your the mamarazzi.. and that I was. At least the kids thought i was getting paid for photographing them having a great time.
My dear friend Soccer Jim let me borrow his Nikon Speedlight SB-800 (in case my husband wants to buy one for me). He also let me borrow his Nikon 85mm 1:1.8 D lens (future reference Ben) It's a portrait lens... Great for Faces and up close.... If I had one.. I'm sure I'd figure it out. I'd like a new camera strap as well. Thanks to my sister in law for letting me borrow hers... I think hers is a lil longer than mine. Camera was heavy.
I picked Bianca and one of her BFF's from school. Sydney and Peyton couldn't wait to see Angelina's face ;P It was a cute statement at the time. With Bianca and Angelina in tow, we picked up some nail polish and hair products for the evening. I was not only the photographer, but the hairstylist as well. Bianca has some thick hair.. and of course she wanted curls... Angi went for the crimp style.
An hour later the girls had their hair done and were ready to go. They look so grown up. I snapped away as much as I could. Sydney found the make up at one point and tried to apply it herself... She looked like she had a couple black eyes, but glossy lips *LOL*
There were so many kids at the dance. Everyone got into large groups and danced. I didn't get as many pictures of Bianca and her friends because they hid in the middle of the floor and out of my view. I even got on the stage and took some pictures.
Spent some time chattin with a few of the other moms. Way to much happened last night to write about.. I've got kids tuggin on me, so I better end this with some pictures.

Bianca & Jimmy (her BFF)

John Henry (BFF) & Bianca

Moses, John Henry, Bianca, Angi & Cameron

Bianca, Angi, Cameron, Moses & Caleb

Standin outside in the cold before the dance

Bianca & Angi makes faces

Group Shot

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  1. Anonymous12:01 AM

    You did a great job Kristie. I think you have a talent not many people have . . a great eye for the right shot at the right time. And the black and white? fantastic clarity and sharpness . . crisp lines and composition. Maybe you need to expand you photographic duties to aid a professional photographer?

    Of course . . . you have the perfect models ALL living with you all the time.