Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

Time to bang these blog posts out while the memories are fresh.... Merry Christmas!!!

I started the Christmas vacation early this year, but it didn't really help with shopping and wrapping, not as much as I'd hoped, instead I spent those days chasing Sydney, Peyton and Bianca when I could catch her.
Bianca went to Grandma and Papa's early to help make Tamales for Christmas Eve dinner. I spent the morning wrapping the rest of the gifts, and making cookies jars. Sydney and Peyton really loved measuring and jarring the ingredients. I know what we're doing next year.
Tia Carmen, Matthew and Kalyn were already at Grandma and Papa's when we got there. Carmen and Martin were sick the night before and Tio was still feeling under the weather. They werent' planning on staying long.
Tia Andria, Tio Rudy, Dominic, Donovan and Devin were there. All the kids had a dance off in the back bedroom. Yes, eight kids.... one small bedroom, that was stinky with sweat... I didn't get one picture of it... They were shy when camera's came around.
Movies to watch - Dark Knight, the Simpson's movie & DragonBall. I don't think anyone watched an entire movie, just bits and pieces of different ones
Rudy talked a whole bunch of mess about how his Fantasy Football team was going to slaughter mine, he put an L up to his forehead and walked around the house, he's quite amuzing
Carmen packed up their christmas goodies and headed home to take care of Tio
Andria's parents were there, her mom brought some 7 layer dip that was delicious, and a kids dip with Chocolate, peanutbutter, Nutella, marshmellow cream, chocolate chips, coconut (tiny bit) and gummie bears... a kids dream of sweets... and it was rich and I think I'll take some more ;P and her camera!
Dinner was excellent, the company was great. The kids opened presents and played. It was a great evening of being with Family.

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