Sunday, April 05, 2009

Santa Cruz

I keep trying to find time to post and get this blog updated.... I'm weeks behind.
Here are some pictures from our Sunday (a week ago) trip to Santa Cruz. We - Ben, Me, Bianca, Sydney, Peyton, Ty, Amy, Mom, Dad, Patrick met up with Josh & Brandi (my brother and sister in law) to spend the day at the beach in memory of their son Aidden Joshua who's heart stopped beating around 20 weeks. Would have much rather visited under different circumstances.

A bunch of Josh and Brandi's friends and support system joined in the memorial.

Peyton starting a castle

Daddy, Mommie & Sydo

Amy, Mama, Sydo

Bianca, Amy, Sydo

Nana, Mama, Bianca, Ben
Sydney & Peyton



Peyton, Patrick, Sydney
Ty, Kristie, Sydney, Peyton, Bianca, Amy

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