Sunday, November 02, 2008

it's a purse party

I rounded up a few friends for a purse party today. My friend from High School Racheal makes purses.... So Sandra (another friend from H.S) signed up for a party. It was fun. Amy and Michelle met me at my house, I had Bianca, Sydney and Peyton -- all my girls love purses--. Courtni met us at the party.

Rach has some awesome purses - I should have taken some pics of the purses.

Sydney, Peyton and Sunny Love (Racheal's 15 month old daughter) all played. Bianca helped school them most of the time.

Pictures of the gang

Sydney and the Golden Glasses

Amy those are so you

Michelle, Sydo, Bianca - gots attitude

Wine tasting & Chapstick

Peyton & Sunny Love

Sunny Love
Peyton as Super Girl
Peyton's witch hat

Bianca rides again, Sydney fell off

More crackers mama

Sandra, Racheal & Me
The three amigas


  1. Love the Sarah Palin look-a-likes! With purses and wine, that's a party. And for little girls, having a tea party with those purses, she'd be scorin'! I think she'd be on to something!

    I think that party was just fit for your crew!

  2. The girls look so cute in all those hats!