Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ahoy Mate - Trick or Treat

This year we did things differently. Usually we spend Halloween with Tio, Tia and the boys, but this year Bianca went trick or treating with her girlfriends. It's this whole middle school thing. She wants more freedom and she wants to hang out with her friends more often. We don't live near anyone her age, so we try and let her spend time with her friends when we can.

Ben and I made the rounds at papa and grandma's, Sharon and Dicks and then over to Uncle Tom, Tia Carmen - Aunt Leslie and cousin Emma's. We scored on three houses.

Went home and then went around our neighborhood. We saw Aunt Joan, Andrew and Baby Luke. Sydney's pumpkin bucket was full. Peyton's was only half full. I think the girls had a plan. Peyton was busy talking to everyone, playing with puppies - while Sydney dipped her hand in all the candy jars - like twenty times.... Uncle Steven gave Sydney at least twenty candy bars. I don't think Peyton even got any candy there, she was busy playing with Frankie.

Here are our pirates or wenches...


  1. they are the cutest Pirates I have seen yet ;)

  2. Arrrr! Pretty stinkin' cute!

  3. Came back to adore my cute nieces. And to add, I love the leggings! Do I dare compare the girls to Mary-Kate and Ashley? They've got the look!

  4. The tights are great! Does Sydney really like candy or did she just really like grabbing handfuls of it?

  5. They look so darned cute!!! That's my girl Sydo...going for all the candy. WooHoo. Say Hi to B for me.