Saturday, September 06, 2008

fun stuff

some of the girls favorite sayings... - or just the things I hear EVERY SINGLE DAY....

Peyton, you no get my spot - Sydney (when she comes in to lay down with us in the morning.)

Mommie, I thought we were going to Starbucks - Peyton

Mommie, I was good, cookies. Madalines - Peyton

Mommie me no cry, me no baby. - both girls

Sydney you trouble - Peyton

Peyton you trouble - Sydney

Mama I need Toast please... butta.... - Sydney mommie me no butter, peanut butter.. - Peyton

Mommie you going to work, I'm going to work - both girls

Music - Sydney (as soon as we get in the car)

Charlie Brown Pumpkin - Sydney

Handy Manny, Scooby, George - both girls

I take a bath mama - Sydney ( as soon as we get home )

just a lil bit - Peyton (when I'm turing off the water to the bath)

Me no wanna go to bed, me sleep you bed, me lay you bed - both girls (when its time for bed)

.... some pictures Bianca took of the girls when she dressed them up - Bianca the fashion designer... excuse the mess... dang... I think someone needs to clean up a room.


  1. Um yes, I think it's Prada! Were they able to walk? Cuz, you know THAT's important to have that runway walk. You work on it, okay Bianca?

    Work it girls!

    Oh and I hear "lil bit" a lot too. Funny!

  2. WOW...way sophisticated! You should be making big money B. Will you dress me up too?