Monday, September 01, 2008

it's a Rib Fest Weekend

Friday we headed for Reno, or Sparks. We got a later start than normal. With Bianca in Middle School, we didn't want to take her out to early. Within minutes of being on the road Sydney was out. Peyton and Bianca watched Monkey George on the the big screen. Okay it's only like 10 inches, but for being that close, it's a big screen.

I took a nap while listening to my ipod, only to wake up stuck in traffic near Kingvale. Some where along the line we passed Uncle Rudy, Aunt Andria, Papa, Grandma, DJ and Devin. The drive took longer than normal but we got to the Nugget about 4:30, the rest of the crew showed up a few minutes later with the exception of Andria's parents and Dominic, they came about an hour or two later. We hit the streets in search of ribs. Maui and Chicago were the ones we hit first. Sydney and Peyton weren't to impressed with cruising the streets in the stroller. They wanted to walk, but there are so many people, it makes getting around hard. So after hanging out in the street for a while we headed up to our room, but first we needed chocolate covered banana's, a quick stop to get some noodles for the girls.

Melt down city by Sydney and Peyton... Sydney fell asleep fairly easy, but Peyton kept poking and trying to wake her up. Bianca spent the night in Papa and Grandma's room. Ben, Rudy and a couple other guys went gambling til the wee hours of morning. Everyone won some.

Virginia City here we come. Everyone packed up and headed to the ghost town for some walkin around. Again Sydney and Peyton were unimpressed. They liked getting ice cream and running around, but as soon as it was time for a stroller ride, we had melt downs again. Finally we headed back to the hotel, the girls were tired and fell asleep as soon as we got driving again.

Back to the Hotel... Ben took the girls up to the room. Bianca an I went to find corn, chocolate banana's and lemonade. Once the kids all woke up and everyone was back from Virgina City we went to the pool to play. The kids had a great time. It's all Sydey and Peyton talk about now... They just wanna swim. Bianca went to the arcade and played with Dominic and DJ.

Another sleepless night for me.... and damn the beds are uncomfortable. Ben and Rudy stayed out gambling til 3 or 4 am again....

Circus Circus... the kids had a great time winning prizes and playing games. We brought back a huge bag of stuff... it's probably in the back of the truck still. I even won some money on the Wheel of Fortune... Hip Hip Hooray.

Back home we are cleaning and getting ready for Fantasy Football Madness.. UGH check out the slide show


  1. Yum. I'll be there next year. We'll make reservations in the next couple of weeks.

  2. That was fun! It was windy, too short, and not enough time to wear the kids out... but still fun! The girls loved the pool - wish we had some toys to play with. They were adorable with their faces painted. So much so, the boys got theirs done too - we stayed away from the pink paint though.

    Til next year!