Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Baby Girl

... if this works correctly, this will post at exactly 9:17 pm, the time you were born.... and it was a Monday Night... I remember the Monday Night Football Game on during my labor... instead of background music I had football lingo going on.

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday... I have no idea why I can't remember anything else. I was at my grandparents house when the contractions started getting worse. I called your dad and he picked me up and we raced to the hospital... no alarm there... they got me registered and made we walk around... Here I was 22 years old and in agonizing pain... and the doctors thought it was a good idea for me to walk... Well all the walking paid off because you were born screaming at 9:17 pm.... 8 lbs 2 oz 21 inches long... full head of black wavy hair. perfect. they laid you on my chest and all i could do was kiss you and kiss you more... Your dad thought it was gross... cuz you were a mess a goo still.. but I didn't care, I waited for so long to kiss you. It was amazing... I held you as long as they let me, then they washed you and weighed you and finally handed you back... it was our getting to know each other time... so precious ... to the boob you went and you liked it lots... well only for 9 months...

You are an amazing daughter- creative, sensitive, caring, dedicated, loving... so many adjectives come to mind... but I don't have all day to write... you are passionate about school, soccer and family. you have drive and you can accomplish anything.

Do you still remember the going to school song I would sing you every single first day of school?

I secretly love watching you put on your fashion shows, dressing the babies up and making lots of trendy outfits. Dancing in my bathroom while watching yourself. You are an inspiration to me. I love you


just a trip down memory lane... stay tuned for new pictures from her birthday.....party


  1. Beautiful post.. and btw, When is her party?

  2. Cuteness! Oh how I remember being in the waiting room with Papa and Grandma anxiously waiting for the news... and for Ben to come out and tell us!!!! What took him so long?? lol. Was he watching football?

    Little did we know, how much love you'd bring to the family.

    Love the pics! ... and seeing so much of Peyton in her!

  3. ~ sniffles~ That is beautiful!!! Happy Birthday B!!

  4. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Happy Birthday Bianca! I saw your name on KC-ARCADE TV. I yelled out Happy Birthday to you. What a cutie you were and are. It is so fun to see your smiling face at my school.

    Terri..you can call me Terri...I just might not answer unless you call me Ms. Thacker :)

  5. "Hey Bianca"...Yea..."Hey Bianca"...yea."Tell me how to get down"... Yes, I still have your song on my iPod. Way fun! I also have this little girl voice (I think you were 2) asking her mommie when she was coming home. Too sweet. You have grown into a fine young Lady. May this next year be better than the last. Happy b-day and Smooches Dearest B.

  6. Happy Birthday, girls!!

  7. Um, that should have read, "girl".