Sunday, March 23, 2008

Laser Tag

Bianca and I met my sister at Force Laser Tag for some fun. We planned on playing a couple twenty minute games, but they were running a special - 4 hours of laser tag, pizza and drinks.... so we decided that sounded like a bargain.... Our first game really sucked.... I got the high score on our team, but our team got last place.... Our second game added two more girls (one 26 and one 11) and a boy (14)... we kicked butt... okay the boy got first place for the whole game... I got 5th overall... and our team still lost, but only by 2000 points.... We were improving.... The next game we got better and by the fifth game we had taken control of the war zone... We took first by 50000.... We had a game plan.... Each of us would hit the other bases, rotating out of our base - where we never let anyone take our base..... it was awesome... We did this abot four times before the other two teams joined together to overpower our Blue Team.... ~lmao~ Yes... they dominated that game.... We played a few more games after having some pizza and drinks and got home about 830 pm.... it was lots of fun and we were invited back to play an all night madness game... midnight to 7 am.... I'm not sure I could handle all that... and it's a lock in... where they lock you in... no one comes in or leaves til the morning...


  1. Four hours of laser tag? That's a lot of running around! I guess it's hard to take pictures while trying to shoot at people? I bet the three of you had a ton of fun.

  2. i had to stop looking.. i felt your emotion in this blog... and myself began to cry looking at the pics and recalling seeing them before. I was thinking about him that weekend. I always remember that it was the weekend of my birthday that we got the call. It always always comes to my mind... Life is not fair... but we always remember Kyle and enjoy the little blessings that came after..