Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

This morning the Easter Bunny left the girls some baskets with candy... and Bianca got a book she's been wanting.... and the babies got Easter PJ's.... We were hoping the Bunny would bring crocs for the girls... but I guess she never got around to it... ~lmao~

We met my sister, Tyler and his family - including his brother, rachelle and Cole (the boy from the other side of the tracks) **Lincoln** actually a good place to live.. I wanted to move there but Ben said no way.... it would be about 80 miles roundtrip a day... that is way to far.. and in heavy traffic.... instead I'm about ten miles from work.... and it only takes about ten minutes to drop the girls at daycare and get to work...

... back to meeting Ty's Family at the park in Newcastle... it was fun, the kids played on the swings and slides... They weren't to friendly with the other kids... or Cole... Sydney told a lil boy who kept following her down the slide and up the stairs...."No.. you GO Away" Okay there were others slides that he could have gone on... but he liked the same one she did.... I'm thinking I need to get these girls out on more playdates or something... some socialization like I take my dog too... ~lmaorotf~

We ate good food and cupcakes that Tia Amy made... Played some more, had an easter egg hunt... and Peyton scored most of the eggs again, played with bubbles, then ran around the park some more..... The girls were on the swings and starting to fall asleep, so we headed for home... Sydney took a nap, but Peyton managed to skip naps again today...

We got home and had another Easter egg hunt - then went over to Uncle Steven and Aunt Joans to play for a couple hours - we played basketball and wiffleball.....then home to BBQ, get in the bath, snuggle with mama while watching TV and now... all is quiet..... the babies are asleep in bed and Bianca is reading - last I checked she was on page 180 of her book - the book she got today....

Here are some pictures or check out the slideshow if you have some time on your hands. if you click the i on the slideshow you might get a description of sorts.. unless i got tired

Sydney wants to go higher
This slide is just our size
Sydney, Peyton and Cole looking for eggs

Sydney, Bianca, Peyton - pose with mouths full of chocolate


  1. Gosh, wasn't it a nice day? I'm EGG-sausted!!! Love the girls' outfits; and it looks like they stayed clean!

    Love the pic of Syd finding the dog toy...funny!

    So maybe Bianca will fall asleep in her own bed tonight with that book, huh? How many pages are left?

  2. The girls look so cute!! I took pictures of the babies on the swings too ~ guess we were doing the same thing on

  3. Sounds like you had a crazy busy Easter!