Saturday, February 02, 2008

Birthday Parties Galore

Friday night we spent a couple hours at Bouncetown celebrating Matthew's 5th birthday. There were races through the obstacle course, races down the big slides, air hockey tournaments, basketball and jumping...
Sydney loved the big slide, and she went as many times as she could. Peyton wasn't as interested in the big slide, but she did go a few times. Peyton and Sydney had their own races through the mini obstacle course with Donovan...

Saturday we headed to the clubhouse to celebrate Mia's 5th birthday... there was a fun lil obstacle course for the kids, Sydney and Peyton played ball with Alex to start the party....there were games but that never took off - bianca saw twister and thought we were gonna get to play, she was a bit disappointed... the kids had a balloon bonanza - hitting each other and throwing balloons in the air. At one point Matthew knocked Kalyn's block off, so I had to take a balloon to his head a few times... Bianca had a blast with Uncle Michael and Uncle Erick.

Mia has decided to become a Fire Fighter when we grows up - notice I didn't say fireman... or firewoman... sounds kinda funny... But she looks official to me... Way to go Grandma - nice suit...

Peyton running back from picking the ball up, looks like they are play dodgeball, she's lightning fast
Daddy swinging Peyton
Donovan and Sydney say cheese for the camera, of course they both looked away when I hit the button

Bianca, Uncle Michael, Uncle Rudy and Daddy all pose for the camera. Looks like Uncle Rudy is taking care of some business there... Hopefully grandma didn't hear that one.
Uncle Erick gets some love from Sydney before he leaves the party.
Tia Andria and Dominic get cozy, I took quite a few pictures, but this was the only one where the balloon wasn't covering his face.
Sydney is making a beeline for the fruit and veggie trays again. It was just the right height for her to pick and choose what she wanted.

Bubble Gun


  1. I just love seeing pictures of the Girls! They are growing so fast. Bring them in so I can smooch them...yes, that includes you B.

  2. Wow, you're quick! I've got one party down. Laundry is calling me now and the 2nd blog post is going to have to wait...and I thought I was on a roll!

    And, uh, Rudy's still taking care of business here, along with Dominic and his favorite cousin Bianca - champs, I say! I might have to hide under my covers early tonight!

  3. Sarah Beth8:17 AM

    Wow.. You've had a busy weekend!! Sounds like you are going from a slammin weekend to a slammed week.. I know you will enjoy the little get away time. Can I join you :) lol..

  4. fun & chaos... that's way we roll too!