Thursday, January 31, 2008

I want to explain

I have no time to blog, post pictures or cute videos... I am so swamped at work. I think I mentioned I wanted a new job at one point... well I declare... I have a new job... not a new classification or new paycheck amount... but I am doing some innovative, exciting marketing.... thru social networking and my head is spinning...

it's time to move onto the college campus campaign - we are going to Sac City College, California State Univ Sacramento, American River College, San Francisco State Univ, San Francisco City College, Stanford, San Jose State Univ, San Jose City College, San Diego State Univ, San Diego City College, UCLA, USC and an LA city college... I will be traveling the first two or three days of each week the entire month of February - and three days in March...

Can you say bye bye nursing.... I think so... I'm excited and a little sad that I'll be away from the babies, but I think I'm gonna go to sleep at 8 pm.. and try to catch up on my z's.... read some, sleep some, eat some... and miss some... What will I ever do without my kiddos

stay tuned for more... and look for this or something close playing at a movie screen near you...

ReadyReturn video (grab your happy hat and share it with a friend, someone might be able to use it)

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  1. Oh my... sounds like a movie in the works. Hmmm..."The Adventures of a Traveling Mom""The Stress of an Overworked, Underpaid Mom"...maybe?...How about..."On The Road Again, Where Have I Been?"...okay, I'll stop here. You'll have to keep a diary of your adventures, so you can post them when you have time!
    Best of luck!