Tuesday, December 04, 2007

bed time check

I went in to cover the babies and make sure they were in separate beds, well look where I found them.... not far from a bed... maybe I should revert to putting the mattresses on the floor, this is the second time they've decided to rough it on the carpet


  1. Ok, that is just TOO cute!

  2. It's like they tag-team and plan this together. I think it's the blanket! They love the feel of that soft, fuzzy blanket on their faces. I could fall asleep on one of those anytime!

  3. Mr. T1:57 PM

    Don't put the mattress on the ground. The babies will just revert to sleeping in the bedframe without the mattress. It seems like they like the hard ground or surfaces to sleep. In a few years since they know how to open the door you will find them sprawled out on the kitchen tile.