Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a scream in the night

I was awaken from a sound sleep at 237 am, it was Sydney.... I went into Sydney and Peytons' bedroom and snapped this picture.

hiding under the bed again, this time face down
So all the crying last night woke Peyton too, so I sat on the floor indian style holding the girls trying to reassure them it would be okay.... I really didn't want to nurse them, so I asked them to climb into their beds and lay down, they did it without any complaints.... Hooray. I sat next to them and rubbed their backs for about five minutes and then snuck back to my own bed.... where I couldn't fall back to sleep. Darn it, I'm paying for it this morning. I crawled out of bed at 630 and started getting ready. I wanted to check out how the girls slept... here's what I saw.

Peyton passed out this morning
Rise and Shine it's 7 am


  1. Poor Sydo! Poor Momma! Where was Peyton? It's as if, halfway asleep, she tries to crawl back to bed where her sister is, but ends up crawling into "the black hole"! Can you imagine trying to lift your head up to look around and you can't??? I hope she figures out the comfort of her mattress soon!

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    You are so mean to make your girls sleep on the floor. What do they have to do to earn their way onto the bed? Poor Sydney gets shoved under the bed too.

  3. These are the stories that you are going to share for a long time to come!

  4. Poor Babies getting trapped under the big bad bed. Whatup with that? I remember taking Damian to Disneyland when he was 6. I woke up in the middle of the night hearing muffled screaming. He had trapped himself, head first at the bottom of the bed and couldn't escape his covers. When I yanked the covers off he was sweaty and crying...and I saved him, smooched his little face and tucked him back in. I still remember that.

    Smooches to the girls! BennieBooBoo has to get his smooches from you!

  5. Miranda8:13 PM

    Sleeping Beauties! Those days are priceless. They grow up way too fast. It's good to see you are getting more zzs...most of the time.