Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Thoughts, Random Pictures

Bianca had her conference today.... She's doing well in school. Ben kept teasing her saying he wondered how many F's she had.... well luckily they are numbers and not letters.... but she still needs some work in Math.... I swear I wanna enroll her in Kumon.. But Ben says it's a waste of time and money... but how does he really know? We know she reads the problems way to fast when they are word problems... BIG PROBLEM....
after the conference, we went to Toys R Us, then CPK for some grub.... then Macy's, Claires and Sports Chalet... They have these great shoes.... Sanuk... I think Ben should get a pair.. and Bianca really wanted a pair but they didn't have her size... I think they did, but she said they were either to small or to big.... where are the people who measure your feet when you need them? I think i'll take her to Nordstroms on Friday and see what we can find there....

Sydney layin on the new dog bed and showing off her new shirt

UPEEE Mommie
What's Kallie do???
Looks like Peyton and Bianca bumped heads
sweet dreams

Kallie is growing so fast, she's wild and needs some training.... she loves to bite...


  1. Sammi6:23 AM

    The new puppy is too cute!


  2. Aww, but Mom, she's just a pup! Pups will always be wild! ;) She's adorable and looks like she'll be cheap to entertain with tennis balls!

    Glad that Bianca's report was good! And love the girls' shirts. Too cute!

  3. Great photo... the pup is darling (cuz you weren't busy enough?!)

    We did Kumon for about 5 minutes... the commitment level was a bit too much for a slacker mom like me!

  4. Sarah Beth10:30 AM

    Oh my gosh I LOVE the new shirts. Landon needs The puppy is soooo cute and growing so fast. have your hands full!! Hugs ~ SB

  5. Miranda8:17 PM

    The puppy is too cute. Good time to get her, the girls will have lots of fun with her.