Saturday, December 01, 2007

one sick baby

Peyton started running a fever after I picked her up at daycare, no telling if she had the fever while she was there, usually Sharon is quick to notice things like that. The girls were busy playing legos when I got there to pick them up, but Tio Rudy commented that Peyton didn't look well when he picked DJ up.

Last night Ben took Bianca and Sydney shopping while I hung out with Peyton at the house, giving her my undivided attention, I think it was good for her. Gave her some Tylenol and then gave her some motrin two hours later, her fever was between 103 and 102.3.... She slept for about 2 hours before I brought her to bed with me... where she nursed on and off all night.

This morning she was telling me 'Morning Mama, Morning Mama' just as the 7 o' clock mark came into view on the clock... i nursed her some more in hopes that she would fall back asleep, but she didn't, and she had a temp when we went downstairs... more tylenol and we hung out about an hour before Sydney made her way downstairs. We watched Yo Gabba Gabba and the Doodlebops, ate oatmeal, colored, played puzzles, played with Playdough, played more puzzles and snuggled.

Grandma came over to make soup for the girls and bring apple juice - Thanks Grandma -

Bianca and Ben got home from soccer about 2 pm - Bianca's team tied the first game and won the second game, tomorrow determines if they move on in District Cup. Last year we played three weekends of District Cup... and took 2nd place.

I got the girls down for a nap about 3, and Peyton keeps stirring....

I'm gonna miss Luke's babyshower or is it Joan's babyshower? Well I'm gonna miss the babyshower tonight, so I'll have to hook up with Joan next week... shouldn't be hard, they'll be moving into their new house next week - just a block away from us.


  1. Sarah Beth10:38 AM

    aWWW..Is she feeling better today? It's no fun to have a sick baby :( Good thing she has such an awesome momma to take care of her!!

  2. Poor baby! That is rough when they are sick, sick babies make me sad =(. I do hope she is feeling better now...

    So, B seems to be doing great in Soccer. District cup, that is big!

    No worries about the baby shower, between soccer and sick baby I would hope you try and get some rest =) It will not be hard to get a hold of me in 11 days =) I am sure I ( you) will pop by at one point or another.. I can imagine Andrew is going to want to come over and play. The baby shower was wonderful, I certainly did miss you though =).

    I think there is something that is going Around, Andrew seems to be fighting something.. he had a runny nose and was sneezing and such.. I wanted him to come down to the baby shower but I did not want to get anyone sick.

    See you on the 12th if not sooner !! =).