Saturday, September 15, 2007

a playdate with Cole

Amy brought Cole over to meet Sydney and Peyton. Cole is Tyler's nephew, and he's almost two years old. Amy talks about Cole quite a lot so it was nice to finally meet him. The girls were napping when they got here, and Cole was napping in the car... so everyone was a bit crabby at first. Cole never really warmed up to the girls, but the girls seemed to warm up to him. Here are some pics


  1. Those girls need to cover up! It is no wonder he never warmed up to them he has his mind else where ~ LOL j/k.

    How cute! He sure loved that football and his raisins though! I need to get more play date's for Andrew. It is sad he is so content playing alone. I am glad that will be changing soon.

    Look how pretty Biance is with no more metal =) awwww

  2. Nothing cuter than half nekkid womens with pink crocs!

  3. & I remember the day Jake got his braces off... it's awesome and Bianca looks gorgeous!