Sunday, September 09, 2007

Snake Eyes - The big double ones

Happy Happy Birthday Bianca

Bianca is eleven.... She was born at 9:17 pm..... during Monday Night football I was pretty busy pushing her out... can you believe that was eleven years ago? I can't. I had a great idea for an invitation for Bianca's birthday and Frankie made it come alive. I'll have to post the invite on here, but right now the jpg is in the car.

So we rented out Foothill skating rink for Bianca's birthday. I was lucky and got a group shot, but some of the kids had already left. Oh well. Here's who came to Bianca's party:

Sydney, Peyton, Grandma, Papa, Nana, Papa, Tia Amy, Tyler, Uncle Josh, Patrick, Tia Andria, Tio Rudy, Dominic, Donovan, Tia Carmen, Matthew, Kalyn, Uncle Steven, Andrew, Leslie, Emma, Tia Carmen McClain, Tio Rafa, Andres, Vanessa, Gabriella, Uncle Erick, Athena, Michael, Carson, Xavier, Erik, Taylor, Jessica, Kelsie, Natalie, Nikki, Jade, Renee, Marissa, Monisa, Tamiko, Hannah, Madi, Eleanoir, Jill, Cat, Noell, Alexis, Kadie, Cydney, Courtni, Alexandra, Amanda, Tiara, Tyler, Diane, - and most of the parents skated too. Great turn out. We ate pizza and cake and skated til we couldn't skate anymore...

Sydney and Peyton even skated... We did a couple laps - and then Sydney decided she couldn't be away from me... She cried everytime I tried to skate without her, but she didn't want to skate anymore. Amy and I raced and skated, had a blast. Bianca skated with all of her friends and had a great time. Everyone sang to her while she was in the middle of the rink, we danced and did the Hoki Poki around her too...

I'm exhausted. Happy Birthday Bianca - We love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Bianca...I've got the jpeg on my computer at work, so my post will be up tomorrow! That's all that's missing from it. Looks like she had a great turn out and everyone had a blast! What fun!

  2. Aww Happy B-day B! Wish I could have gone! Looks like she had a blast!

    P.S I do not think there was enough water?

  3. Sarah Beth10:24 AM

    Happy Birthday Bianca!! Looks like everyone is having a great time!! Even the babies are great is that! Miss you ~ SB

  4. B...please forgive me. My Treo reminded me that it was your birthday, but due to family frustration, I didn't call and leave you a birthday song. I love and adore you and will make it up to you. Thank you for being the ray of sunshine that you are...and thank you to your mom for sqeezing you out during Monday nite football and not waiting for the game to end. Smooches Beautiful Girl!