Monday, September 17, 2007

Day One - Burbank California

I haven't seen my babies or Bianca since 8 am... I haven't seen Ben since noon.... I am having withdrawls......

What am I doing????? I'm working, I'm in Burbank for our e-file/e-Services Workshops. Flew out of Sacramento at 145 today and arrived about 300... checked into the Holiday Inn - (Whachu doin?) Nothing chillin at the Holiday Inn
(Who you wit?) Me and my peeps won't you bring four of your friends

I ironed my stuff, read some magazines, then we met up for dinner and drinks at Gordon Biersh... I had the Meatloaf and a Tropical Cosmo.... Yummie - we walked around a bit and then hit ColdStone for a strawberry blonde - life is good. of course we walked back to the hotel... and I got my phone call from home. it was bittersweet. I talked to Bianca some, then the babies... who kept saying Hi Mama... and then there were the questions... Mama???? like as if asking... are you there, where is there... why can't I see you... but I hear you.... I asked some questions... you know they love to say NO.... I was hoping my next question didn't get a No.... I asked... Do you miss me... and Peyton chimed in quickly YES MAMA.... so i felt good... and bad... do they really miss me.... at least she didn't say No... ~lmao~ they kept hanging up on me... tried not to take it personal, they were fighting over the phone.... talked to Ben for a few and then quiet again.

It's so strange... it's never quiet. While i was on the phone with them, it was like I was home.. it was noisey, chatter, tv, full of life house... and here... the only sound is my typing... the air conditioner, and the fan from the bathroom - hate hotels...

What will it be like to sleep thru the night... for me.... ~lmao~ I have no idea... I'm pumping.... and dumping of course - will the babies be weaned when i get home... who knows... only time will tell

off to sleep


  1. WOW you are actually away from the babies.. all day.. over night.. this is the first time huh? How many days are you there?

    Have you heard anything about those jobs?

  2. Poor KristieGirl, I'm jealous, but can sympathize. I'm having withdrawals from traveling. I really miss that part of the job. Ah well. Hold tight'll be home soon.

  3. Ack! I had no idea it was "time" already for your trip. The girls were at daycare before we were this morning and perhaps thought you'd be right behind me... They were just fine and cute as ever! Can Ben not wait til you get back? lol.

    The food, quiet and "sleep" sound WONDERFUL. Take advantage of it! (...although your mind is ever-controlling I'm sure).

    Glad you've got the computer to keep you occupied!

  4. Mr. T3:02 PM

    You did not go to sleep right after this. You were on Myspace late last night. That is right I am going to bust out right now. You even got a post from me too. Oh by the way you are not missing much at work either. Have fun.