Monday, October 08, 2007


Bianca is to cool to smile at the camera
"we all fall down"
Matthew and Sydney dance
34 bottle of beer on the wall and only one baby standin

Well I've been on a safari.... okay so maybe not really, but we moved, and so I haven't blogged in ages. So there is so much to say.... but who wants to be bored with the details, it's pictures we all want to see - at least me

So there was a party and the kids had lots of fun, so here are a few highlights

Sydney, Dominic, Kalyn and Peyton get the jump on
Dominic bounces Peyton
Donovan flies low
Dominic, Peyton and Kalyn

the worm

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  1. Love the pic with Dominic, Peyton and Kalyn. Dom NEVER looks at my come yours?