Sunday, April 07, 2013

Half days

Friday was my annual family practitioner appt. not sure I have these but after a blood work up and routine questions I was found to have good cholesterol, no diabetes and everything else was good. Hot flashes and all. So I got to start work a lil late and leave work a lil early and that makes any work day worth it

Picked the lil ones up and raced home in anticipation of Bianca, jacks and Kennedy coming home to get ready for the soccer game vs rancho... And hear about the HS days events. B informed me that she checked out her locker to make sure it was safe and then started textin MK to let him know up front she wasn't sure she wanted to go to prom. Ok girl wants to go to prom and first choice is JF. Anyhow MK said he ain't trippin and if she wants to go let him know cuz he wanted to get a limo. Nice call bro. Celt I don't imagine him talkin like that. Oh well I still see that five year old toe head kid

Soccer game was a 2-0 win for the eagles and I took turns with be watching the game and walking up and down the bleachers with Kamren. We also had some police action with helicopters and that made Kamren happy as could be. We walked around the field and played on the giant hills, Sydney and Peyton and kam were pretending to be mountain climbers which required pulling themselves using roots,grass, and rocks up the side of the mountain and then Sliding down. Fun and entertaining for all. Jake Klinger came over to play with the girls. Kam also found a big toad who turned into the life of the party.

Bianca went home with Kennedy to shower and pick the boys up for the twirp dance. Got a couple not very good photos taken and headed to the dance. They said it was lame and that was $20 wasted if you ask me. Jenny (Kennedy's mom) picked the kids up early and they went back to her house for ice cream, beef jerky n cupcake cravings oh n pitch perfect. So they hung out with movies.

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