Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Girl drama

Wow why does drama and girls go hand in hand. I'm sure it's not only my girls but there is so much competitiveness in this house and not always in a good way I suppose.
I wish my kids were nicer to each other. Sydney is always calling Peyton ugly. So not nice. I think all my kids are beautiful, and it's not just me thinking that. I know my kids are smart and kind most of the time but when it comes to each other,!lets just say the gloves are off again
New rule: when you say something mean you must say three nice things about that person to that person. Face to face

Older girl drama. Damn prom news. Last night I went to lay with Bianca before bed and snuggle. She said that Kennedy asked nick to prom and he said no. Then Jenny (Ks mom) told Kennedy to make a sign asking nick and a photo album and letter. What the hell... Then drove her to nicks house and talked to nick herself. Can you say embarrassing. Poor Kennedy was crying. I think I would too.
More prom news. So I guess JF is a no go. There could be many reasons why and I don't wanna speculate. I already have. So now Bianca wants to go with Donnie Hibbs, football player and mr comedy himself. She said that he always makes her laugh and what more could a girl ask for right??? Haha. She said Michael is awkward and Nick lacara is well she didn't really say cept that he snapchats her a hundred times. When did snapchats start to suck

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  1. Damn...I'm so glad those days are over. What is a "Snapchat"?