Sunday, May 05, 2013

Birthday weekend

Started the birthday weekend early w/ Thursday lunch w/ my lil sista Amy. We met up at Pita pit for some grub. I always get the same pita. We grubbed and chatted til we had to get back to work. Love spending time with my sister even of its just catching up over lunch.

Friday I watched Sydney and Peyton do the jog a thon at school. They ran 5 laps and Sydney bailed hard on the second lap. She had a huge bloody scrape down her leg and skinned up hands too. Way to rock through the pain.

Went to lunch with my girls Leann and Johanna at Il Forni. Great food and company. I had the portebella mushroom ravioli with squash, zucchini and eggplant. And mushrooms. Spicy n so yummy. I also had beautiful flowers on my desk when I arrived. Leann loves to surprise me with flowers. Such a sweetie.

Got home Friday and the kids and I played outside, riding bikes, scooters and playing baseball. Love when the weather is so nice all you want is to be outside. Totally fought allergies most of the week so being out Friday was nice

Woke up Saturday morning to two munchkins serving me breakfast in bed. Way to early 7:02 and I just wanted to sleep in. Apple slices, banana and toast. Yep those girls were spoiling me. They wanted to make me coffee but I talked them into waiting and I'd let them help. Didn't want anyone getting burned by hit coffee. The girls and Kamren made me sweet cards and I had some store bought cards as well. Ben always buys the funny cards and the girls love reading the cards, even when they don't get the meaning.

The kids cleaned house for me, mostly cuz they wanted to spend Sunday at six flags and figured that would butter me up. Right again

First thing first. Massage and facial for the bday girl. Having that made me miss going like I used to so I think I'm gonna start treating myself again. Ben got me another massage, ionic foot bath and something else certificate for my birthday with my suggestion of course, so I'm lookin forward to scheduling that and the 90 minutes stone massage as well. A girl could get used to being pampered like this.
It was so quiet and with a house full of rowdy kids I could appreciate the tranquility of just hearing myself breathe, reading a magazine, sipping tea. Ya. Then Layin down an closing my eyes, the sounds of a far away waterfall and stream in the distance and sweet smell of eucalyptus. The facial was amazing, an afterwards my face felt like a babies butt. The massage was good, I've had better but I can't complain. I have two huge knots in my shoulders, upper back. Ouch. It's gonna take a few sessions to loosen those bad boys up. Overall I give unwind and escape an a.
After the spa treatment we went to BBQ with the in laws, who keep the house nice and cool. We haven't used the air yet, and it was heating up. We brought giant shrimp and there were steaks, spring onions on the barbee and asparagus. My kids love spring onions on the BBQ. Pretty sure that was all Sydney ate. Haha. Chocolate mousse for dessert. Good day for sure

Sunday off to six flags for an epic adventure with the other Avila's. haha. So thankful our kids get along so great. They really do love each other. Sydney and Peyton went on ROAR for the first time. We got the photo too. They loved it. Ride a second time right away and then started claiming uncle Rudy for their next ride on roar. They both got to ride shotgun with uncle Rudy in the end. Yay for uncle Rudy.
We saw the lion show, Kamren wasn't interested in the dolphin show so I skipped it and we rode the trains 8 times. Good thing there are two different train rides. Kam is a train fanatic. He rode the helicopter and a couple other rides as well. The girls and cousins rode lots of rides together, pretty soon they will be going solo without us parents.
Sydney got up close and personal with the sea lion and the pirate sea lion show. No picture, but really cool.
Great birthday weekend. Thankful for my family.

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