Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Weekend fun

Woohoo. Friday was great. Went to nishiki sushi with Leann and Laura. Great food. Rock n roll, corvette and Buddha. After lunch Leann and I walked to yogurt and i showed her old soul, can't believe she's never been.
Bianca and the girls did their chores as Bianca wanted to go to Scandia with McKenna and friends. I wasn't thrilled about that hood and her going but she's an awesome kid and I trust her to make good choices. They ended up skipping Scandia and going to Bella bru and yogurt instead. Afterwards McKennas dad picked them up and they went to his sports academy and they watched wrestling and ride the mechanical bull. Ride em cowboy.

Having a hard time blogging at the dr and these people are chattin loud. Ugh.

Saturday we finished cleaning up the backyard and it's almost ready to plant our garden. Bianca came home an had been texting with michael khols. He said they should hang out and Bianca asked if he drove. Haha. No driving teens. Later she got asked to the movies by Michael. He said it was awkward cuz his aunt was gonna drive them. Bianca said cool. They got lost coming to the house and they ended up seeing GI JOE and going to pizza.
Easter Sunday we went to Judy Dale and Landon's for Easter fun. BBQ and it was gorgeous outside. The kids did and water egg hunt. Bianca got the golden egg worth $10. Woo hoo. Kamren was checkin Judy out all afternoon and her pretty red dress and cowboy boots. She ended up letting him wear the boots. He had fun
The kids all played tag, hide n seek and guns. Tommy nerf gun rules. I gotta get kam one. The kids had uncle mark chasing them all over, he got more exercise than he bargained for. Good food and fun
Later that night Ben and I saw the call. Bianca isn't going to the mall alone ever. Ugh.
Now I'm at capitol imaging getting mammogram then gym time. Tomorrow blood work and Friday physical. Way to start April

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  1. Man, they are all growing up so fast. Bianca is a beautiful young woman! And dating??? Ben must be having a field day. Go B!!