Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Have you

Been outside yet. I mean everyone probably has. It's gorgeous, cool, sun is out. I love it. It makes me wish I wasn't at work.
My son would love to be outside right now. He wakes up asking to go outside. He doesn't care if its cold, hot, rainy, overcast. He wants to be outside. I don't blame him. Outside is where it's at.
At daycare he doesn't get outside much. You would think he would. They have a covered patio, lots of outside things but the kids are cooped up inside. Give me a break. The kids need to be outside. They love outside. They burn more energy playing outside and there is a feeling of independence for them.
This morning after making breakfast for the 3 girls and getting lunches ready I had a quick shower and woke kam up. He didn't wanna get up at all, but finally was able to get him dressed and ready with a lil bribe of outside. Yep we spent 10 minutes outside before the car ride to daycare and work. I love that time with him.

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  1. I was beautiful and kids belong outside playing!! Why the heck do we live in California if not for the weather!!!! I got your back Sista!