Friday, August 19, 2011


I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  I have two kindergarteners and I'm not sure who's more excited about it.  For the last 6 months the girls have been talking about going to big girl school.  As it grew closer I got nervous, my lil girls are growing up.  With school a month out, the girls got more excited and then Sydney decided she wasn't ready for Kindergarten.  Peyton was more than ready for the both of them.  The week before school started we had an orientation and meet and greet with the teachers.  Sydney wanted to make sure I was staying with her during the meet and greet and i was. 

First we met Mrs Stecca (am teacher) then Mrs Aboukhadijeh (pm teacher)  Both teachers are in the classroom during the entire day helping each other.  Nice since there are 24 students, nice to have a 12 to 1 ratio....  there was a list of things to do - visit the restroom, find the light, find the sink, where are the coatracks, the rug, the cubbies, tables, chairs, drinking fountain, playground.  Read a book, do a worksheet.  We made the most of our 30 minutes.  Over the weekend Sydney still wasn't sure about going to school without me. 

When the time came, both to the girls did fine.  They got up early, ate waffles, took pictures after getting ready and then we got to school early so we could take more pictures and see them off.  I thought the two would be inseperable, but only for day one.  By the time school was over, they had made new friends.  Sydney was holding hands with Paige and Ashlyn and Peyton was content to be independant, she did however play at recess with Braydon who gave her his phone number and said they should have a playdate.

We celebrated the first day of school with a trip to Esthers cupcakes (i forgot my camera) and shopping at Arden Fair mall. 

Day 2 - Sydney was still holding hands with Paige and Ashlyn - who's mother came up to me to let me know her daughter talks nonstop about Sydney... i could tell because Ashlyn didn't want to let go of Sydney's hand.  Peyton talked about snack time with her friend Kylie and that she was also friends with Paige.

Soccer Practice, the girls never can get enough of practice, after practice the sprinklers came on and the kids played in the water for a lil while.  I think it was the highlight of the day.   The kids get a lil cranky on the way home - are we doing to much?  I think so.  They are missing naps.

Day 3 - The girls were in a groove getting to and from school, hanging out with friends, doing worksheets, playing on the playground.  Peyton conquered the firemans pole and Sydney was going to try on Thursday.

It was also Lane's first day of school, so we planned to meet up with him and his sisters for frozen yogurt.  What a blast.  We went to tops yogurt where the kids ran around like crazy, played volleyball with balloons in the store... yes, it was crazy, but oh so much fun. 

Nana and Papa came over for dinner and we made Chicken Taco's.

Day 4 - Thursday both girls were shooting down the firemans pole, Paige was mad at Sydney and hanging out with Peyton and the weekend was fast approaching.  I headed out to meet a friend for coffee and walk around McKinley park, it was a beautiful morning, wishing I could have a morning like this everyday.

Friday - The girls brought home some of thier classroom work.  They were stoked that school was out for the weekend.  We met up with Papa, Grandma, Tio's Avila, Dominic, Donovan and Devin for Pizza and fun.

First day Pictures:

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