Monday, August 15, 2011

Cousins & Soccer

Here are some pictures of the kids hanging out @ Bianca's soccer tournament in Auburn.  It was a great tournament.  The first game on Saturday the girls lost 4-1 against the Mustangs.... I'm not sure what happened that game, but it put the girls in a position of needing to win the rest of the games in order to advance.  Amy and Tyler showed up to the first game with snacks... Yay for starbucks Iced Mocha's... i was in need for sure. 

Game 2 the girls were down Madi and Bianca was playing defense in her spot.  Bianca can't remember much about the game and neither can I.  We won, getting the maximum points.  Game 3 was on Sunday and we were down players.  We were going to be playing with 9 girls on the field... and all we needed was a tie to advance to the championship against the Mustangs..  Velocity dominated the game with 9 players... and we got the tie we were looking for. 

championship game we were back to full strength, if you can call 1 sub full strength...  I had to leave before the game to attend a sharing parents meeting but I got the highlights when everyone got home.  The game was evenly matched....  back and forth, Bianca was playing defense again.. and we needed a score.  There was a free kick for us, Eleanor hit the ball hard, sending it to Haley who headed it and Bianca ran up, controlled the ball, driibbled and scored.... the crowd went wild... and Velocity won....  The Mustang coach was pissed but after the game he went up to Ben and let him know that #7 was the MVP.....  that's my girl.. #7  way to go Bianca....

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