Friday, May 06, 2011


Do you know what it takes for me to feel energized all day?
*going to bed @ 10, waking up at 2, then nursing Kamren til 230 and then sleeping again til 630.
*strong cup of coffee
*super breakfast
*hanging out with the kids
*some good tv
*healthy lunch
*going to the gym
*long swim
*veggies for dinner
*hanging out with the family before bed

wow now if this would come together every night...  but when it does... it's rare of course.  The constants are sleeping, hanging out with the kids...  thats it :)

I spend most of my day chasing Sydney and Peyton, holding Kamren or watching him sleep.  I've been cleaning the house everyday...  Lucky Bianca... she's been skipping out on her chorse....I need to catch up on laundry.  Kamren's the only one with lots of clothes...  except the onesies I've been cutting off him when he explodes.

Okay... so the sleeping has been on again... Yep, down around 10 and up around 2.  I love my sleep...  back down and up around 630 and the day starts again.  I love that Kamren likes to sleep.  He's sleeping right now.

I found a bunch of recipes that I really want to try and it's BBQ season.  Time to get into the season again.

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