Sunday, November 08, 2009

Andrew & Luke

So this is my continuation on Furlough Friday..... I couldn't post anymore pictures and still needed to talk about our Playdate/Kid sittin....

The girls and I walked over to the Fantastic 4's place to play with Andrew and Luke while Uncle Steven and Aunt Joan went to a Parent Teacher Conference.

The kids had a great time.... There was horseback riding, coloring, reading, apple jacks, working with tools and building forts... all in the matter of a couple hours.... There were no time outs, no naps and no changing diapers.... oh did i mention kisses... Luke gave me about a hundred kisses, I think he was making up for all the growls he used to give me.....

Andrew, Sydney, Luke, Peyton

Luke comes after the camera with a hammer

Luke insisted on showing me his new bed while wearing Peyton's crocs

apple jacks rule

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  1. Looks like loads of fun! Wish I was there! =( Welcome back to blogging. Got some good posts!